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About me

Something that you may want to know…

“They laugh at me because I’m different . I laugh at them because they’re all the same”


Maybe we have met before, you just knew me a couple days ago or you’ve known me for a decade. I’m not sure the person you’ve known is still longer the same one today.  I mean, everyone changes. So do I. I’m always chasing things that I’m curious about, even though it makes me such a fool in the other’s eyes. But, what they don’t know that I’m happy with what I’ve done…

Briefly about what I have done for so far…

Our lives like a train which is full of passengers. At each station, some of them leave us quietly and take another train, some of them leave us with countless scars. However, we still let the new one get on our train. Day after day, who stays or goes no longer bothers us anymore. Cause, we have the precious moment together.

That’s matter.

Tang Linh.