Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town & Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge - Weekend Version

This is important guys

Before you decided to book anything to Hoi An Ancient Town or Da Nang city (for the Golden Bridge), please take my advice:


And you’re welcome.

Before we started

It would better if you land on Da Nang City and then go straight to Hoi An Ancient city (Grab or Taxi). Usually take you 30′ from Da Nang Airport to Hoi An. You should spend a night in Hoi An and leave at noon on the next day.

And when you in Hoi An, unless you really want nice photos to share on social media, you don’t even need a bicycle. I mean…it’s small!

Morning in Hoi An Ancient Town from my hotel

Something to keep in mind, if you are rich, okay, cool! Just ignore this and jump to the next part. However, for who want to save their money, well…let’s do the following before you book a taxi or Grab:

  1. Open Grab Application – check the price.
  2. Ask the price before step into any vehicles. Taxi I mean.
  3. Call the number on the picture to check the price. Saw it when I was enjoying my breakfast at Hoi An & realizing that I had overpaid at the night before.
When you get your best price, choose it.
Banh Mi Phuong - Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town

So, let’s start with the “Must Go” list, shall we?

Enjoy Mót
  1. Banh Mi Phuong – for breakfast. If you don’t want to rush, the advice is: just go straight to the table inside, have your seat & enjoy, that’s it. Don’t need to line up under the sunlight wait to Take away while you have no reason to.
  2. “Mót” – name of a Herbal Tea. Worth trying though.
  3. River side – just grab your seat, around 5-6 p.m, when the sunset begins.

4. Faifo Coffee – where you can enjoy a full view of Hoi An Ancient Town. Nice place, just don’t expect too much on the drink.

faifo coffee - Hoi An Ancient Town
faifo coffee - Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town

Da Nang & Golden Bridge

Well, let’s see…

As I mentioned earlier, should not choose the weekend, unless you want to see the “Umbrella Bridge” instead.

Can you tell from this pic?

The best we can do with the "Umbrella Bridge"

And here are something you should know:

  1. If you book a hotel, usually they will offer the ticket to Ba Hills (where Golden Bridge is located) as well, don’t need to wait until you get there.
  2. Use Grab and often the driver would offer you a bit discount for the next trip if you call them directly instead of booking through Grab. I know, it’s cheating. So, it up to you.
Ba Na Hills - Golden Bridge
Ba Na Hills - Golden Bridge

Well, hope you enjoy your trip. And take a look at Phu Quoc Island if you’re thinking about another destination in Vietnam.