Tang Linh

– “Always Ask Why, Stay Fresh & Be Bold”

"Always Ask Why, Stay Fresh & Be Bold"

One day, I woke up and found myself older. In an instant, my mind had drawn blank. I didn’t know how fears come in, nothing related to age or beauty, but about some memories that I had, surprisingly, get forgotten, by me.

So I want to write something down. Started with a person that I found really remarkable, he told me a lot of his story. Back to autumn 2018, when… just kidding, I’m not going to write a novel here. 

Briefly, there is a man that I admire, he told me how he had survived through a life full of frivolous things. And the most important lesson he taught: “Maybe in the future, you’re going to become a manager, a CEO, a successful, a powerful person. Do make sure you don’t chasing such frivolous things, whoever you are, please do remember these three things”:

Always Ask WHY

when people ask a question, they usually ask 'What' & 'How', but tend to forget the most important one - WHY? Trying to ask WHY before doing something or making any decisions.

Stay Fresh

As time goes by, you're going to lose your enthusiasm, your energy and your passion in the beginning. Then, you do things for responsibilities, not from your heart. So, to make sure that days never come, always remember to refresh yourself, keep trying, imaging everyday is your first.


Don't be afraid to lose, don't be afraid to try and don't be afraid to make mistake. Of course, be confident with your choices & decisions, but if you try and then you fail, it's okay. Even that failure costed a lot of money, your time, your energy, ... but you got your lesson, just don't pay twice.

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