Tang Linh

– “Always Ask Why, Stay Fresh & Be Bold”

"Always Ask Why, Stay Fresh & Be Bold"

One day, I woke up and realized I had aged. In an instant, my mind went blank. I didn’t know why fears crept in, not related to age or beauty, but about memories that I had, surprisingly, forgotten.

I’d like to share about someone truly remarkable whom I met. He shared his life story with me, and it left a profound impact. Let me briefly recount: There’s a man I deeply admire who has survived a life filled with frivolities. The most crucial lesson he imparted was this: “Perhaps one day, you’ll rise to be a manager, a CEO, a successful, powerful individual. Regardless of your status, always remember these three principles:”

Always Ask WHY

People often ask "What" and "How" when faced with a question or decision but tend to overlook the most crucial question of all - WHY? It's essential to inquire WHY before taking action or making decisions.

Stay Fresh

As time passes, you may find yourself losing some of the enthusiasm, energy, and passion you had in the beginning. Eventually, you might start doing things out of responsibility rather than genuine passion. To prevent this from happening, remember to refresh yourself regularly, keep trying, and approach each day with the same excitement as if it were your first.


Don't fear loss, don't fear trying, and don't fear making mistakes. While it's important to be confident in your choices and decisions, it's also okay to try and fail. Even if failure comes with a high cost in terms of money, time, or energy, remember that you've gained a valuable lesson. Just make sure not to pay the price twice.

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